viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

What a way to top it all off!

I KNOW!!! It has been a million years since I last posted. But I can explain. I have been passing the last three weeks traveling with the super-fantasticawesomalicious SHEEEEVA! Too much to update right now, but I thought Id go ahead and top it all off by spitting out how a wonderful vacation ended in the equivalent of a weezing fart. I am currently at a top-rated hostel in Buenos Aires, sitting at a public computer at 621 in the morning while someone behind me watches Will Smith-bomb SEVEN POUNDS because two douches in the top bunk next to me decided to have loud, creeky, weezily cliche 6am FUCKING SEX IN A FUCKING HOSTEL WITH SIX BEDS FUCKING IN FUCKING IT!!!!!!!! I tried to be polite, but bitches werent even trying to let me sleep, so I just left, mid-weeze. hehe. I really hope they are not stealing my stuff right now...probably should have thought of that. Details about the trip to come soon! Off to Rosario tomorrow for a few days, and then finally home. I think. nah, ill head home. the thought of one more bitingly cold hostel night of awkwardness sounds less appealing than biting into an empanada stuffed with dog shit. gross image, i know. but im SO TIRED!

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