miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

The Flood

I'm asphyxiating a bit. I think the uncertainty of my schedule, the continuing unfamiliarity with everything, and my consuming need to be busy have produced enough ideas to literally drown my brain. It's a good thing, I think. But it's making it hard to sleep. Or legitimately participate in my yoga class. Every time we're supposed to be resting, falling into peaceful quiet, I realize half-way through my teacher's calming utterings that I've been lost in a plan to powerpoint the concept of high school cliques, lol.

Nice day tho. I bus'd, then trekked out to the jungly scenic Yerba Buena province to have breakfast with my interior design/tourism friend Lenny, and her lovely "I legitimally like people" mother. Later, I stopped by a local primary school to get acquainted with the staff. That's right ya'll, I'm going to teach little bitties!

After a mildly-focused yoga class, I spent a couple hours talking with the French-language assistant about universal health care and Adam Sandler. I then went to class, where I was asked by nearly 20 students what kind of music I like to dance to. I said hip hop. Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance party! WHO'S WITH ME??

Yesterday, I presented a powerpoint about food culture in the states. They were perplexed by our early dinner hours, disgusted by our fast food chains, and surprisingly intrigued by the idea of French Toast. How odd is it to have a job where you teach people about the cultural significance of potato skins?

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  1. I'm fascinated...what is the cultural signifigance of potato skins...?