domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009

what a weekend!

It appears that I've suddenly become one of those people that goes out at night...and into the early morning...and then the later-ish morning. It's shameful, right? I got in at 9am this morning, this after falling asleep on the public bus. And it wasn't the first early morning sneak-in this week.

It started Thursday, when my classes ended early in celebration of "Dia Del Trabajador", an apparently Chicago-born holiday celebrating a nation's hard workers. Refusing to saunter home to stream more "Gossip Girl", I pulled out the text-fingers and started making plans for the night. I started by treating myself to dinner, a "Mexicana" sandwich composed of white bread, ham, steak, mayo and fried egg. (Can anyone else hear my stomach lurching?) I then crashed one of Diego and Alejandro's acting classes, clung, and stuck with the group for a delicious ice cream outing. After, I joined my American pal Nicole to hit up a concert in suburban Yerba Buena. The singer, Shai, was a friend of hers, and probably one of the prettiest destined-to-play-Roger-in-Rent people I've ever seen. There was Coldplay covering, heavy glugging of Quilmes beer, and eventually a sad presentation of two tipsy Americans taking a whack at Salsa. Afterwards, Shai chatted us up like old pals, and before I knew it 4AM had arrived and we were at Shai's abandoned garage-turned charming apartment listening to music and talking "Lost". I'd only fallen asleep mid-conversation a few times before arriving home at 7am.

Spent the "Worker's Day"break mostly at home, but found time to fit in a conversation group with my translation-student amigas. I can officially check "Have conversation about "Los Rugrats" and "Doog" in Spanish while downing mate" off my to-do list.

Saturday, I joined Nicole for pizza, and a constructie discussion of how we both struggle with over-extending ourselves, and then making up for it by forcing separate friends to hang out together. Afterwards, I snuck into another acting class, where I got to walk weirdly, scream, and improvise in Spanish. (Not.Pretty.)

Quick change at home, and I was off to dinner with Shai and his family atop their three-story centro-penthouse. The family as incredible, adorable. Seated at a table of nearly 12, I chugged delicious homemade hummus and saurkraut, then literally drooled over the plates and plates of grilled fish. Shai's father and 11-year-old brother had caught the fish themselves, and the boyfriends of his sisters had prepared an incredible grilled pece-covered in peppers and cheese- experience. If that wasn't enough, the dinner also included deep international economy and security discussions, homemade banana cream pie and bins of yummy helado, and even magic tricks! I excused myself at 1 to head to a party with Diego, Alej and Lucas, one of my acting classmates. It was a party for the boys' friend and came complete with transvestite hostess, strawberry lollipops and lots of PDA. Oh yes, and beer of course. I spent most of the evening talking with Agriculture student Lucas about the state of Argentina farming, and kind of fell in love when the admittedly shy small-town farmer asked me if I liked Herman Hesse. The party was very...well there were lots of strobe lights, and afterwards Lucas and I met up with one of my college classmates for an 5...sigh. The party, in the backyard of someone's house, hosted everyone from gay men, teenage to elderly, to flogger chicks and their young suitors. The night got weird near the end, when my sleepiness led me to abandon my idea to grab a cab at 7am to follow my classmates all over the center looking for a bank. Losing patience, I bounded out of a cab near my friend's apartment and passed out (just an expression, don't worry) at the bus stop, lulled by bright sun and smell of freshly baked pastries.

Today, I saw "He's Just Not that Into You" and found out that I'm going to have to move to a new apartment. More on this later. I think it might finally be time for me to sleep.

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