lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Bug Bites, and old souls

I am COVERED with tiny bumps. Some are red, bloody and agitated. Others are simply pods of itchiness. I would be annoyed by this, but they actually led to my first Argentinian hook up. WOOT! In the hostel. With the door open. A tourist from the UK. HELL. YES! Yay, for embracing my inner slut (Yep, I was totally the pursuer on this one. Let's just say it involved bug spray)

The day started with a downpour. Not to make the earth's weather patterns entirely about me, but it was as if all the stress of my stolen camera, my homelessness and sweaty solitude was washing away a bit. It has been so hot here. A little alienating, often wonderful, and very stressful. I woke up with a smile, satisfied, and with my first appointments to visit apartments.

I think I found the one. A lady I befriended at a Bolero concert last week set it up. It's a one bedroom apartment right in the center of the city, and it has a balcony. It is heaven, especially after the student apartment I visited this morning. I'm all for embracing the potential grit of this experience, but cement rooms with one table the size of my journal, a bathroom straight out of a community pool and an ice cream salesman's freezer to be shared by four people might be pushing my limits a little fast. I was further seduced into this apartment by my charming new community of local mothers. Victoria (my amiga from the concert) and her friend Eddie convinced the attendants to lower the price by almost $70 bucks a months, include all utilities, and leave me a bed (which is set up with an extra bed underneath it FOR VISITORS!!) They then treated me to nearly three hours of cafe, delicious tamales and more compliments than I've received in a long time. Eddie smiled the moment we met, and held the smile the entire afternoon. Asked about my interest in theater, I explained how I use movies and plays to connect better to people. I preached the importance of art to force people to confront the lives of others, to be compassionate, and to learn from taking two hours to focus closely on the one person's interactions with the world and its circumstances. (You agree with this?) She told me I had an old soul.

Victoria and Eddie believe that we were meant to meet. They both believe in living to follow a path. They believe that they are counselors for the soul, and immerse themselves in romance, helping others, and strengthening friendships. They think I meant for something to do something important. I think I'm really lucky sometimes :^) I also think I should be better about reminding people of their values and abilities. Support can be so healing. Is there anything I can do for any of you? Write me if you haven't been complimented enough lately. I think you're all so incredible, and have hundreds of compliments to share.

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