miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009

The decision to stay

After a day of overanalyzing, over-stressing and taking a small pressure beating to take my apartment from a few lovely Argentinean real estate agents/adopted aunts, I think I've decided to stay at my reference's house outside of the city. All it took was a little perspective. I've been whoring my name and credentials all over this city for the past few days, and finally today my reference had the time to pull me in a little. She explained that it was her hope that I would focus my interests in teaching, sharing my culture, English, theater and Tucuman culture into helping the Ministry of Education to teach some theater techniques to English teachers in country schools. She reminded me of how much time I would teaching, preparing lesson plans, and how I could use my overflowing confusion of interests to make a legit difference here. It was like I could finally take a comfortable breath. Duh.

I like feeling the ground beneath me now :)

I'm also really excited about another opportunity that my reference Adriana has helped me describe. Nothing is certain yet, but I think I may be able to put together a project that brings theater to Tucuman province's indigenous populations. The idea feels like a dream, but it could actually come happen! Adriana works with a foundation that is trying to bring Internet access to indigenous populations, and to maintain these populations' language. I told her that I would love to accompany her, and perhaps develop an article or play out of my experience. She suggested that I actually work with them...and I think the giddiness actually oozed from me. How cool does this sound? Cool, right? I'm writing this here to commit to it. "Speak it into existence," my North Carolina adopted grandma said last year. So here it goes. Big project. But I should go for it, right? Por que no!

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