domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009

Today's cultural lesson: yummy meats and floggers

My body is filled with salty, chewy, delicious VACA! (cow) I went to my first Argentinean asado today. Imagine me, three table lengths of delicious beef and sausage, and my Institute reference's entire family! It was truly a tear-iducing spectacle of family wonderful-ness. My referente Adriana, her husband, the children, the aunts, the uncles, papa, abuela, and all of the cousins seemed unsure of what to say to me at first, but the ice was quickly broken as the cousins and I broke into judgement of Britney Spears's career. I spent the entire day at her house, blending in like a distant uncle no one knows, but that everyone treats like an old friend. The girls talked mostly of style, wanting to go to New York and intense (I mean INTENSE) devotion to study. It's fascinating how the students here whip themselves through school, though the process of getting into college is way simpler than in the U.S. All students pretty much have the opportunity to go to college if they want. It's free, and I haven't met a single person desiring to flee the coop for a shot at what the movies say is college life. The work ethic here is really admirable, almost intimidating...It was post-schoolwork talk that learned about floggers, an "emo"-resembling culture that was born here in Argentina. The leader is an outspoked teenage lesbian named Cumbia. Google "flogger" right now. It's fascinatin!

We watched Gossip Girl, and then sat down for a painful apartment search. I think I have some prospects! Not convinced by the prospets, Adriana offered me a room in her home for as long as I like. I think this woman is a descendent of angel monks. I love her.

Everyone else in the city seems to be filling the streets, cooking on small parkside grills, and drinking into oblivion. I'm taking some time to obsess over rehearsal videos from the Broadway production of "Hair". It looks AWESOME! Be inspired to make change people. GO SEE IT!

My hostel looks like a summer home from the world of "Under the Tuscan Sun." Everyone here is watching soccer.

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