miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Funny Things happen on Rainy Days

I have MUCH to tell, and I was going to wait until tomorrow, but at 3am tonight things turned interesting when a friendly chat with a friend nudged, and then knocked over, the boundary into "friends". And all this after a mostly disgusting rainy-day mostly spent indoors writing the outline for a "Five Paragraph Essay" writing workshop, eating an entire family's load of sweet potatoes (I work with what I have), rediscovering how awesome Allison Iraheta was this season on American Idol, going to Yoga, and watching a VERY 70s movie from Spain at a local bar. It's funny what a little mate and a poorly lit doorway can do :)

I'm realize that I'm a week behind, and much of it was wonderful, so I mustn't demorar (wait) longer in telling....but I'm so TIRED! Here's a preview: I had a visitor from Mendoza, saw the signing of an accord in the most famous, and elaborate, room in the government house, pushed back recovery of my stomach pains during my classes' American foods presentation, bullshitted an awesome advertising class based on the finale of American Idol, saw some sweet Colombian guitar, witnessed an adorable 25 de Mayo presentation at the primary school (little girls in big, elaborate dresses, oh my!), belted out "I'm a Slave for You" at 3am with my students, went to the mountain for tea, saw a sweet aerial play, screamed obscenities at the referees of my first futbol match, secured free driving lessons from my AMAZINGLY sweet primary school coworker, watched a four-rehearsal for a play some friends are taking to Buenos Aires for a festival, signed up for a contemporary dance class, applied for my visa to Brazil, and now got doorway dirty.

But I save the deetz for tomorrow. I promise!

For now, I leave you with some Allison awesomeness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he9-BRfNxR0

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