jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

Two days ago: The swift fall down the rabbit hole

It started Monday night, when an MSN conversation a friend here turned way personal. It was a wonderful conversation, and full of dirty jokes (which I love)...just wasn't expected. Having only slept for 4 hours on Saturday night, and five on Sunday night, this late night HBO comedy-worthy therapy session left me exhausted on hazy on Tuesday.

After about five hours of sleep, I woke up at 9 to check in with the new primary school I will be working in. After lugging my body out the door, and defeating moments of confusion with some new streets, I arrived at the primary school, where I was told, "Oh, I know you're starting work tomorrow. Why did you come today to tell me that again?" My reference thought it was a good idea, and I totally agreed, but upon arrival I realized how stupid my ideas are sometimes.

On my way back, I was determined to break 5 pesos so that I could have change for the bus. Starving, I committed to buying yogurt at a kiosk. About one block from the kiosk, I noticed that a sketchy dude was parked right in front of my house. I stopped on the sidewalk to scope him, just as a neighbor was opening her door. I had just finished my polite/quick hello with her, when her monster-dog bounded out of the house, drove his teeth into my leg, then bounded back in. HOLD UP! Should I repeat? A FRIGGIN' DOG BIT ME THIS WEEK! Bitch smiled, and apologized, then went back in her house. And I, stunned, bought my yogurt and went home. It was only as I arrived at home that I noticed that the small bite had produced blood, and I quickly started washing. Long story short, I'm fine. Pissed. Embarrassed. Still without a determined place to live, and now the subject of a dog attack, but I'm fine.

After stopping in an emergency, and buying some nasty pills, I immediately had to rush to the center for my Theater history class...which turned out to be canceled. I tried to take advantage of the time by immersing myself in paper-grading, but I couldn't help but get stuck in the dumps. What a shitty day!

Ah well, at least I saw the Argentinean president ride by the Plaza Urquiza in a motorcade. The street was filled people, singing, waving banners applauding the efforts of President Kirchner. After hearing this month from almost everyone about the country's disappointment with this president, I couldn't help but giggle a little at the scene. How were these people assembled? Why were the people screaming immediately disinterested after the car passed? I learned later that most people that attend these functions are paid. As the parade ended, I was struck by the amount of trash and waste that the event had left in the street. Typical right, people falsely gather to honor a president they believe is throwing trash all over their country, and literally as she passes, her celebration leaves the streets with nothing by garbage.

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