jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

Like I'm walking on marshmallows

I'm moving. I know this. But I keep refusing to actually pack, pay the rent to my roommates, or basically do anything to take the next step towards making the move a reality. why can't I be an embracer of change? maybe I just need to shit to start being thrown in my face. A push. Anyone want to give me a little push?

A recent push: The teacher I'm helping in primary school arrived late yesterday, and asked me to give an 80 minute English class to a rowdy group of 5th graders...alone. Results were mixed. A couple of kids might of run out of the door on me (I retrieved them, don't worry), but I did drill family and animal vocabulary into their heads. Not bad, right?

Ever have so many options of things to do that you just sit in your room online most of the day? Guilty here. At least I can feel something stable under me here. Taking a step off the bed is like taking a step onto a giant, bouncy, sweet/unsteady marshmallow, so many cool opportunities available, but always the danger of a fall.

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