miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009

JULY PICTURE BOOK 3: The party just don't stop...holla

After my first full night sleep in weeks, I woke up on my birthday ass late, then met up with my theater history class to take in the local circus!

Turns out Argentine theater sunk in its roots through circus in the 19th century. Today, Argentina's circuses are still mostly family-run. Our guide was a trapeze-soarin' acrobat, who currently performs alongside her father, daughter, husband, both in-laws and pups.

I also treated myself to a delicious factura. How to describe the deliciousness of this sugar and cream-coated croissant-cousin? Let's just say I went to FOUR places to get one. Note: When in search of impossible-to-find-desserts on birthday, bring hot sexy-awesome friend with you to flirt waiter into buying them for you from a panaderia. Thanks Nicole!!

To close out the dreamy night, my pal Sheeva (yes, there is another Iranian Sheeva in the United States, and she just happens to now live in Tucuman, Argentina) and I whipped up some yummy Iranian treats for an intimate wine and dine. My current heart-holder Nicole (who made me a fucking CHEESECAKE!), primary school teacher-bestie Veronica, and the ever-special, sass-tastic Juancito were my honored guests. I've always marveled from a distance at long dinners, hoping that one day I could finally focus my attention on a moment long enough to stop fidgeting after my last bite and enjoy how beautifully food, good wine and brilliant people blend. How perfect that I finally learned to sit still until dessert ON MY BIRTHDAY. This four and a half hour dinner may have prevented me from blowing my bday on drunk-hazy club fun, but I think it was perfect.

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